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Since 1997 I have devoted my work as a writer, illustrator and content creator to spread de love for classical music and opera, especially among children, while addressing educators (parents, teachers...). Along with the years, my educational contents have been published in different formats following the digital transformation. There are more that 30 published titles you may still find on the web, including the Cuéntame una Ópera, a pioneer collection.

Since 2017, considering the new technological challenges and disappointed by how the web 2.0 was treating authors, I got interested in the upcoming Internet. I started researching about the best ways to adopt new technologies to communicate, this time without loosing fundamental rights such as Privacy, Intellectual Property and Freedom of Speech. This is how I got involved in the 'blockchain revolution', and I begun looking for solutions for independent artists on the Internet of Value.

Today I keep supporting the educational mission behind all my work as a collaborator at Mirlo Studio.
And I follow my journey towards the Internet of Value, now participating in the MIRLOS community.

In 2024 I open a time for reflection before getting started with new creative projects.

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Georgina Mauriño 2022

Since 1997

Author and Illustrator with a calling to share the educational power of classical music and opera.
More that 30 titles published.
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Intellectual Property management on the web3.
Researching and developing tech solutions for independent artists' self-management, with the due respect for their fundamental rights. Exploring the new Internet of Value an its opportunities.

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Back to writing and illustrating.  
Considering new projects in collaboration with other artists. No rush, but looking forward to start a new stage in life as an author.
There questions are pending, new ones come up. It is time for reflection.

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